EA Ranking System is still under review. We try to incorporate many factors from both ladder league and tournaments


– Men’s Singles (18+/55+/U19/U17U/U15/U13)
– Women’s Singles (18+/55+/U19/U17U/U15/U13)
– Men’s Doubles (18+/55+/U19/U17/U15/U13)
– Women’s Doubles (18+/55+/U19/U17/U15/U13)
– Mixed Doubles (18+/55+/U19/U17/U15/U13)
***Rating 4.0+ offers the highest level of competition***
***Rating 3.5-4.0 represents mid-level competition***
***3.5- represents beginner level competition***

Point System

– Ranking will be based on scores from your previous 5 tournament performance
– Each win will scores you 100 points
– First place finish in the tournament receives additional 300 points, second place 200 points and third place 100 points 

Points Expiry

– Points earned in tournaments from more than 52 weeks ago will fully expire
– 50% Points will be carried forward for tournaments participated between 16 weeks to 52 weeks
– Points will be reduced by 50% once a player moves up a division


– All registered players and teams will be ranked based on accumulated points in tournaments
– Registered players and teams will be ranked within their respective division
– Ranking officially starts at the mid-night on Monday, May 23, 2022
– Top 5 players from each division will be shown on public page
– Please log in to see full ranking (coming soon!)